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Cameroon: Workshop on free malaria care - P4H Network

Cameroon: Workshop on free malaria care

A workshop on the feasibility and sustainability of a financing mechanism for free malaria care in Cameroon was held from July 19 to 22, 2022 in Kribi, Cameroon.


The workshop had three objectives, broken down into the following expected results :

  1. Communicating the project to stakeholders 
    1. The project objectives are well known
    2. The project implementation methodology includes
  2. Present the results of the cost study
    1. Estimates of the costs of care in healthcare facilities and the contribution made by patients for services and care have been presented ;
    2. The extrapolation of the budgetary impact of health care coverage with a view to implementing free health care in Cameroon was presented according to three scenarios concerning the basket of care covered.
  3. Design the roadmap and pilot for improved malaria health care management
    1. The political conditions required for malaria care for children under 5 were assessed.
    2. Recommendations for the management of malaria in children under 5 have been formulated.
    3. A roadmap for setting up the pilot program has been validated in order to materialize the State’s commitment to optimizing malaria management.
    4. The purchasing schema specifying the procedures for using openIMIS has been drawn up.