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CANAM MALI: Ségou equips itself with an information system - P4H Network

CANAM MALI: Ségou equips itself with an information system

In Ségou, the regional office has just been equipped with the Activ Premium software package, which has been adopted by CANAM.

This new system is designed to provide AMO players and partners with a modern information system for fast, secure operations, dematerialize medical claims forms, update and control AMO benefit entitlements, and dematerialize and secure AMO beneficiary authentication.

The aim is also to optimize payment times for approved service providers, secure access to AMO services, ensure traceability of AMO information system transactions, upgrade the decision-making platform, and control AMO resources and expenditure.

With regard to its interest in CANAm, ACTIV Premium aims to optimize the management of the AMO scheme in the run-up to the introduction of the Universal Health Insurance Scheme (RAMU).

This deployment in the Balazan capital marks the gradual start of a long process.