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CHAD: AFD prepares phase 3 of the Health Sector Support Project (PASST3) in Chad - P4H Network

CHAD: AFD prepares phase 3 of the Health Sector Support Project (PASST3) in Chad

The project manager in the health division of Agence Française de Développement (AFD) carried out a mission to evaluate PASST2 activities and prepare a PASST3 in Chad from 31.01 to 12.02.2022.

During her stay, she met with those involved in implementing PASST2 interventions, and with the central structures of the Ministry of Public Health. She also met with technical and financial partners in the health sector, including WHO, Swiss Cooperation, the European Union, the World Bank and others. On behalf of the TFP group, the CFP of the P4H network met with the mission during a consultation meeting at AFD headquarters in N’Djaména.  During the meeting, the CFP of the P4H network gave his interpretation of the CSU process in Chad, and stressed the need for coherence between interventions and their alignment with national priorities.

At the meeting to report the mission’s findings to the office of the Minister of Public Health, the Minister noted the slow progress of the CSU process and indicated that 2022 would be the year to accelerate the operationalization of CSU in Chad. In this respect, he praised the PASST’s interventions, which, for him, are consistent with his department’s priority challenges.