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Chile: Health System Financing Challenges - P4H Network

Chile: Health System Financing Challenges

Prominent academic, governmental, legislative, civil society and international experts participated in the conference entitled “Challenges for a sustainable and equitable financing of the Chilean health system”.

Professor Pere Ibern, World Bank consultant and expert in health and economics, highlighted the following aspects in his presentation: values in health policy, complementary insurance in countries such as France, Belgium and Switzerland, equity in financing and institutional change in the design of public policies. It also analyzed the “Complementary Coverage Modality” proposed by the government as part of the strengthening of the National Health Fund (FONASA).

The director of FONASA emphasized the importance of the public sector in the pooling of resources in solidarity and that this is the main role of FONASA. He emphasized that they execute “the necessary actions based on principles of equity, without financial barriers and without any discrimination”.

Congressmen, academic authorities and national and international experts presented their views on the current situation and the challenges facing Chile’s healthcare system. This conference was organized by the School of Public Health of the University of Chile, the World Bank and FONASA.