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Community Health Services Costing Tool - P4H Network

Community Health Services Costing Tool

Short description
The Community Health Services Costing Tool estimates the costs of providing services at the community level, including supervision, training, and drug costs. The tool is easy to use and easily adapted to individual community health programs.

The purpose of the Community Health Services Costing Tool is to help users to estimate the costs of providing health services at the community level. It is a spreadsheet-based tool that allows calculating the current costs and/or the costs of starting a new program or scaling up an existing one.

Methodology and type of data required
The tool calculates the total number of Community Health Workers (CHWs) that are required to meet population-based norms. For each intervention it determines the total number of services that are required to be delivered at the community level and the direct and indirect costs of providing these services are then calculated. The direct costs include drugs and medical commodities, and the indirect costs include facility-based supervision and incentives, in addition to training costs.

Users/Target audience
Planners and service and finance managers

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