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COP27IDFC - Financing the social protection dimension of climate policies - P4H Network

COP27IDFC – Financing the social protection dimension of climate policies

Objective of the side event. Considering that social protection in the context of climate change is an investment that must be an integral part of climate policy financing, this session will explore ways in which public development banks have a key role to play in building a just transition towards a climate-resilient development through social protection policies and programs. The event, which is co-organized with the ILO, will be organized as follows:

Facilitation: Ms. Cassilde Breniere, Deputy Director, Sustainable Development Solutions Department, AFD

1.  Opening Remarks:  Dr.  Agnès Soucat, Head, Health and Social Protection Division, AFD  

2.  Panel presentations

2.1 Policy Remarks

– Introduction to the role of social protection to support climate action (adaptation and mitigation) – findings of an ILO study co-financed by France/AFD, by Mr. Jean-Louis Lambeau, Social Protection and Climate Change Expert, ILO 

Lessons learned from investing in social protection to help the poor and vulnerable adapt to climate change, by Mr. Christian Bodewig, Practice Manager for Social Protection & Jobs for West and Central Africa, World Bank   

 2.2 Case Studies

– Supporting the resilience of poor communities in Asia and the Pacific through the Community Resilience Partnership Program (co-financed by AFD), by Mr. Arghya Sinha Roy, Principal Climate Change Specialist (Climate Change Adaptation), Asian Development Bank

– Financing Social Protection for mitigation in Egypt, Ms. Mai Farid, Assistant Minister and Executive Director of the Economic Justice Unit, Ministry of Finance

Financing social safety nets in response to climate chocks in Bangladesh, by Mr. Mohammad Nazmul Ahsan, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Social Welfare, Bangladesh

3.  Q&A

4.  Concluding remarks

Event Time : 17 Nov 2022 9:00 am to 17 Nov 2022 6:00 pm
Timezone: UTC+02:00
Event is Conference : No
For more info, please visit the COP27IDFC page