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CORE Plus (Cost revenue Analysis Tool Plus) - P4H Network

CORE Plus (Cost revenue Analysis Tool Plus)

Short description
This spreadsheet-based tool helps determine projected and actual costs of individual interventions and total costs of integrated services provided by a primary health facility and it allows users to estimate a standard cost for each intervention, broken down by drugs, tests, medical supplies and staff.

The purpose of CORE Plus is to help managers and planners estimate the costs of individual services and packages of services in primary health care facilities as well as total costs for the facilities. The cost estimates are based on norms and can be used to determine the funding needs for service and can be compared with actual costs to measure efficiency.

Methodology and type of data required
The costing strategy and methods consist of the bottom-up approach and it is based on a mix of standard and actual costs

Users/Target audience
Planners, service and finance managers

Management Science for Health (MSH)

David Collins –


costing tool, projection tool

This tool is in process of being integrated in the OneHealth tool and no further updates will be provided.

04 Jan 2015