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Covid-19: Ten million Malaysians to receive financial aid - P4H Network

Covid-19: Ten million Malaysians to receive financial aid

Malaysia allocates RM3.1 billion for implementing Covid-19 special assistance (BKC), aiming to reduce the impacts of COVID-19, starting from September 6. BKC provides to 4.4 million households that include 1.1 million single senior citizens and 4.5 million single individuals.

B40, M40, and T20 refer to the household income classification in Malaysia. B40 represents the Bottom 40%, M40 represents the middle 40%, while T20 represents the top 20% of Malaysian household income.

The financial assistance will be divided into three phases. The target populations are the poor, B40 group, senior citizens, M40 group, and singles. Phase 1 of payments for B40 recipients will begin from September 6, while transfers for M40 recipients will start from September 9. To read more, click

Source: The Star

Photo by Zul Khairi Hariri from Pexels