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Current situation and recommendations for healthcare facilities - P4H Network

Current situation and recommendations for healthcare facilities

On October 12, 2023, the Cour des Comptes published two reports on healthcare institutions

The first report focuses on the financial situation of public hospitals, which, although in a dilapidated state, are said to have improved after the health crisis thanks to exceptional aid. However, despite efforts to organize hospital provision on a national level, the Court notes increasing regional disparities.

The second report looks at the differences between the way public and private healthcare establishments operate, particularly in terms of business models. The authors note that specialization remains a determining factor, and can create competition between these two types of establishment. They do, however, add the possibility of developing complementarity between the two sectors, as part of a renewed conception of the public hospital service. To achieve this, they suggest strengthening the administration’s means of intervention.

The Cour des Comptes (French Audit Office) suggests granting authorizations for healthcare activities on the basis of relevance, quality of care and patient satisfaction. It therefore recommends that entities managing private establishments be required to make commitments to stability and to give advance notice before modifying or ceasing operations.

The report concludes that the priority for good performance in public hospitals is to oblige “all authorized health establishments financed by national solidarity” to participate in its effective implementation nationwide, according to “their capacity, the specialties they practice and in response to the concrete needs of patients”.