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Dialogue sessions with Burundi's development partners - P4H Network

Dialogue sessions with Burundi’s development partners

Several dialogue sessions were held with the various development partners (European Union, Expertise France, Enabel, World Bank) who support the Burundi government’s public health policy and provide financial support, the majority of which fortunately comes from the public budget.

These exchanges are an ideal opportunity to understand the content and form of the support provided by the various partners, and also to project their prospects and opportunities in line with the health financing strategy for Universal Health Coverage currently being drawn up.

A very enlightening exchange session this month with the World Bank’s social protection team, who are supporting the “Marakabandi-Filets sociaux” project, a cash transfer scheme for the most disadvantaged, which has a database of 80,000 households in four provinces, and whose extension to the national level will constitute the Unified Social Register and improve the identification and effective care of the most vulnerable populations.