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Direct Facility Financing launches in Malawi's health sector - P4H Network

Direct Facility Financing launches in Malawi’s health sector

Boosting healthcare delivery for universal health coverage: Malawi’s Direct Facility Financing (DFF) to revolutionize service delivery! Streamlining health financing, cutting bureaucracy, and empowering facilities for efficient care.

To enhance health facility operations and promote efficient service delivery, Malawi’s Ministry of Health has introduced Direct Facility Financing. Starting in Rumphi District, this initiative aims to empower primary health centres and community hospitals with greater control over their budgets and resources. In an interview on Sunday, Ministry of Health Principal Secretary Samson Mndolo highlighted three  key aspects of DFF:

  1. Streamlining financial flows to eliminate delays often experienced when dealing with district councils
  2. Reducing administrative overheads and allowing resources to reach facilities more rapidly
  3. Encouraging quick procurement of essential supplies and equipment

The Malawi Government plans to extend DFF nationwide, reaching all primary facilities and eventually becoming a standard operating procedure by 2025/26.

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