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Egypt: Increasing financing of the health system in the past 8 years - P4H Network

Egypt: Increasing financing of the health system in the past 8 years

Egypt’s comprehensive universal health insurance law (2018) has been accompanied by a number of decisive steps by the country’s government to make it effective. It was followed by the launch of a package of health reforms to expedite the provision of service to the citizen quickly, in light of the application of quality standards adopted globally in order to achieve good health and well being for all Egyptians.

According to a report by the Ministry of Planning, the state directed about 572 billion EGP, from the Egyptian general budget, for government spending on the health sector during the previous 8 years (14/2015-21/2022), with a growth rate of 285 percent compared to the previous eight years (2007/06-13/2014). 

Public investment directed to the health sector during the same period exceeded 132 billion EGP, with a growth rate of 450 percent.

Implementation of the first phase of the comprehensive health insurance system in 5 governorates, has 6.1 million citizens registered as beneficiaries, who constitute 6 percent of the Egyptian population.

Therefore the health insurance scheme enforced by the universal health insurance law, and supplemented by the consistent increase in the share of government budget, has put Egypt on a steady path to universal health coverage. 

[1 United States Dollar USD=19.11 Egyptian Pound EGP]

To know more, read the full news article originally published in Egypt Today

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Image credits: Unplash