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Egypt’s comprehensive health insurance law - P4H Network

Egypt’s comprehensive health insurance law

The Health Insurance Law no. 2 of 2018 has now been approved by the Egyptian Parliament and comes to extend the health insurance system to all citizens and improve the health services from 12 July 2018.

The new Law covers all citizens, whether they are public or private employees, seasonal or permanent workers, men or women, child or adults. It also covers workers’ spouses, parents and children as well as work injuries. It applies mandatorily on all citizens existing in Egypt and optionally on Egyptians working or living abroad. It can be also extended to foreigners who are earning their income or living in Egypt subject to reciprocity.

It says that the ‘Government shall guarantee free healthcare services to people who are unable to pay the contribution fees according to the rules to be determined by the Prime Minister’.

To know more, read the full news article originally published in Mondaq here.

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