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EUPHA Public Health Economics in Berlin - P4H Network

EUPHA Public Health Economics in Berlin


Dear EUPHA Public Health Economics (EUPHA-ECO) members,

We are thrilled to meet you face to face in Berlin for the 15th European Public Health conference. We have organised several activities (see below) where we look forward to seeing you.

Please join the EUPHA-ECO Join The Network session Thursday (12.45-13.45) in room Beta 7. We will present our section and share experiences and ideas for upcoming events and steps of the section. Do not hesitate to reach out to us also in other moments of the conference.


EUPHA-ECO at the 15th EPH conference

Wednesday 9th November (pre-conferences)

9:00-12:30 (Beta 8) ECON – Microsimulation models as a health policy decision support tool

9:00-17:00 (Beta 4) NEEV – Natural experimental evaluations for public policy and health systems: recent advances and updated guidance

Thursday 10th November

9:00-10:00 (Beta 3) 1.J. – Round table: Research Methods for Public Health Oriented Health Services Research – what works where and for what?

12:45-13:45 (Beta 7) JTN3 – Public health economics – Join the network

16:30-17:30 (Beta 7) 4.G. – Workshop: Ec

onomic evaluations of public health interventions: from case studies to next methodological steps

Saturday 12th November

9:00-10:00 (Beta 7) 9.G. – Workshop: Health in all Policies: key driver for better health still awaiting of greater governing stewardship

11:40-12:40 (Beta 1) 10.D. – Workshop: Injury Severity Classification and burden of disability measurement

13:50-14:50 (Beta 7) 11.G. – Round table: Resilient health systems: harnessing health information to improve population health.


See you in Berlin!

João Vasco Santos, MD MPH PhD (LinkedIn) – EUPHA-ECO President

ARS Norte / CINTESIS / Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto


Vanessa Gorasso, MSc (LinkedIn) – EUPHA-ECO Vice-President

Sciensano / University of Ghent