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Expansion of public health insurance will become more inclusive for Jordanians - P4H Network

Expansion of public health insurance will become more inclusive for Jordanians

A Cabinet decision to amend the Civil Health Insurance Bylaw was announced this week by Minister of Health Feras Al-Hawari that will allow the inclusion of new beneficiaries in the public health insurance system.

The amendments will allow an unmarried son or daughter — over the age of 18 — of any subscriber, to enroll in the civil health insurance program.  Unemployed children of subscribers, who are 25 years old, will pay JD5 a month in order to receive full coverage, while those who are employed will be required to pay JD10 monthly in order for their civil insurance to remain valid.

Additionally, the amendments will now enable those who are subscribed to include their sisters who are either divorced or widowed and do not have any male children over the age of 25, as long as these sisters are not pension recipients, and also as long as they are unemployed. 

Unemployed sisters of subscribers are not the only beneficiaries however. Sisters who have no children, but happen to be either retired or employed, can also benefit under the subscriber’s plan, on the condition that they are spouseless.

The amended bylaw will be published in the Official Gazette, coming into effect 60 days after they have been published.

[1 Jordanian Dinar JD= 1.41 USD]

To know more, read the full news article originally published in The Jordan Times HERE

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Image: The Jordan Times