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“Extending social protection in Guinea-Bissau” - P4H Network

“Extending social protection in Guinea-Bissau”

Guinea-Bissau has taken important steps towards the consolidation of the Social Protection system through the implementation of a National Poverty Reduction Strategy in the last decade.
Two initiatives have been developed to reduce poverty. The Second National Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper 2011-2015 included strategies for improving and extending social protection, with the aim of implementing measures to reform social security and combat exclusion and poverty.

Investing in social protection was the first recommendation made for deepening cooperation with international partners. Responding to emergency situations through basic social protection has been a good method of channeling investments to guarantee the well-being of the population.  In Guinea-Bissau, employers are responsible for registering the employee. The contribution is set at 22% monthly: 14% is paid by the employer and 8% by the worker. Strengthening and extending the social protection system is a key challenge for public policy managers in Guinea-Bissau.

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