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Financing Strategies for the Cape Verdean Health Sector - P4H Network

Financing Strategies for the Cape Verdean Health Sector

The evolution of the Cape Verdean health system has been positive over the last 20 years, but some challenges remain. Particular emphasis is placed on responding to short and medium-term pressures, the challenges and performance of the health sector, its financial sustainability and strengthening social security finances. The Ministry of Health (MS) and the National Institute of Social Security (INPS) were aware of this situation and requested joint technical assistance from the ILO and WHO in developing a national strategy for health sector financing to be embedded in the Social Protection Floor initiative. The main objective of the study is to contribute data to the creation of a new health financing model that guarantees universal access to the health care and services package within the Social Protection Floor.

Detailed information and results can be found in the attached strategic plan on Financing Strategies in the Cape Verdean Health Sector, which has been published in 2013.