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Financing universal health coverage: Do's and don'ts - P4H Network

Financing universal health coverage: Do’s and don’ts

Guidance note on health financing n° 9

The WHO is currently developing a guidance note on the key issues surrounding health financing in the context of universal health coverage (UHC). Aimed directly at decision-makers and those who advise them, it synthesizes the lessons learned from reform experiences around the world in a question-and-answer format. The lessons don’t constitute a specific model or recipe book: countries are different, and each healthcare financing reform must be country-specific, adapted to local history and the current context. Lessons are more like principles or signposts – to point the way to effective reforms, and to support periodic assessments of progress.

As part of the development and finalization of the document, the WHO health financing team is seeking feedback from decision-makers and experts in the field .

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The document is structured in question-and-answer format to answer specific questions in a brief, user-friendly way. It has three main sections.

  • Section I examines important issues and cross-cutting policy concerns related to universal health and approaches to health financing reform.
  • Section II presents more detailed questions and answers on specific health financing functions and aspects of reform: revenue collection, pooling, benefit design and rationing, and strategic purchasing, as well as fundamental implementation issues related to public financial management and political economy.
  • Section III summarizes the above lessons into guiding principles for financing universal public health.