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First meeting of the "health financing contact group" since 2011 - P4H Network

First meeting of the “health financing contact group” since 2011

Following inactivity during a prolonged period for a variety of reasons the contact group for health financing was revived on the 3rd of July 2013.
The meeting was well attended by a variety of representatives. Because considerable time had elapsed since the last such meeting an introductory round was necessary to get to known the new faces around the table.

The opportunity was taken to update on each agency’s activities concerning health financing and social health protection. Topics discussed included an update of P4H Network’s recent developments.
An overview was provided concerning the latest adjustments of the draft health financing policy, particularly regarding risk and fund pooling of the three social health protection schemes in the long term, measures to promote enforcement of regulation and co-payments. This was followed by a discussion on the need to maintain user fees or not to motivate service delivery by health staff.
The best way to supplement the contact group that currently consists solely of development partners would by a forum in which the government participates and ideally leads, was the last point of discussion.
The next meeting is scheduled for early September.