HDCEO and SPJ Invite you to a Conversation with Rema Hanna (Harvard Kennedy School/JPAL) and Benjamin Olken (MIT/JPAL) on Social Protection in the COVID-19 Era

Social Protection in the COVID-19 Era: What can the evidence tell us?

Wednesday June 24, 2020 | 11AM – 12.30PM | Live Stream


- Rema Hanna, Cheah Professor of South East Asia Studies, Harvard Kennedy School; Director, Evidence for Policy Design; Co-Director, J-PAL Southeast Asia

- Benjamin A. Olken. Professor of Economics, MIT; Director, J-PAL; Co-Director, J-PAL Southeast Asia


Michal Rutkowski, Global Director, Social Protection & Jobs GP


Roberta Gatti, Chief Economist, Human Development

Public health policies to reduce the spread of the coronavirus led many countries to impose lockdowns in recent months. As millions have been mandated to stay home, governments have moved quickly to expand social protection programs to reach many newly-vulnerable households. Facing the possibility of re-imposing lockdowns and a long economic recovery ahead, social protection programs face unprecedented challenges. How can social protection programs target the right people, be adaptable in their design, and be delivered safely and efficiently? Rema Hanna and Benjamin Olken will present evidence on these topics and provide actionable recommendations on how these lessons could be incorporated into program design.

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Ugo Gentilini -  Senior Social Protection Specialist, Social Protection & Jobs GP

Indhira Vanessa Santos -  Senior Economist,  Social Protection & Jobs GP


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