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Health Accounts Production Tool (HAPT) - P4H Network

Health Accounts Production Tool (HAPT)

Short description
HAPT guides health accounts teams through the entire production process, reducing the need for technical assistance and increasing local capacity for health account production.


The purpose of this tool is to provide:

  • step-by-step directions to help guide country teams through the HA estimation process;
  • a platform to manage complex data sets, reducing issues with missing data;
  • survey creator and import function to streamline data collection and analysis;
  • built-in auditing feature to facilitate review and correction of double-counting of expenditures;
  • automation of the mapping of data;
  • interactive diagram to help analysts visualize the flow of funding through the health sector;
  • automatically-generated HA tables.

Methodology and type of data required

Users/Target audience
Health accounts teams

World Health Organization (WHO)



production tool