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Health Minister committed to increase health budget - Feb 2014 - P4H Network

Health Minister committed to increase health budget – Feb 2014

Intended Increase of the Health Budget!

Shortly after the national UHC workshop and the Round-Table-Discussion, the Minister of Health makes public announcements about his intentions to increase the health budget.  Below are a selection of links of recent media reports. To balance the view, you can also find a few links about last years health budget (all links courtesy of WHO country office Dhaka).


— Health Minister Mohammed Nasim is determined to get more money for his sector in the upcoming budget, even if he has to fight for it.

— Nasim for more budget allocation in health sector:  See more at:

— DHAKA: Health and Family Planning Minister Mohammad Nasim today said that he would fight to increase budget allocation for health sector in the forthcoming fiscal 2014-15. – See more at:

War if necessary to increase budget in health:


Here are two links that talk about last year’s health budget cuts:

Finance Minister AMA Muhith Thursday allocated an outlay of Tk94.95b in the health sector which is only 4.7% of the total budget – See more at: