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Health sector reforms in Bhutan - P4H Network

Health sector reforms in Bhutan

Bhutan plans for the health sector reforms, aiming to deliver more equitable, efficient, effective, and high-quality health services to respond to changes in disease patterns and demographic structures.

Ministry of Health will submit the reform proposal going through the process of consideration to get approval from the cabinet.

The components of the reforms cover major changes in financial rules and regulations, human resource policies, flexibilities in the health procurement system, and a different performance management system and service condition for health workers in the country.

The reform focuses on the quality of care, waiting time, and financial burden of the population, and inefficiencies due to the fragmented approach to managing different health facilities.

To drive towards a patient-centered approach, changing the governance service structures to strengthen the specialist services in the district hospitals is going to be considered for the implementation.

In addition, technology is considered as a driving force for the improvements in medical and health care delivery systems to be more focused on patient-centered care. To read more, please click.

Source: Bhutan Times

Picture bsuketdedhia from Pixabay