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Health system measures in Uruguay - COVID-19 - June 2020 - P4H Network

Health system measures in Uruguay – COVID-19 – June 2020

The health system measures put into place in Uruguay to contain the spread of COVID-19 are:

* In order to prevent price gouging, a list of prices of basic sanitary products was published since April 17.

* Free service for medical consultation by phone since April 13.

* The facilities of the Spanish Hospital start to be conditioned to turn it into the first COVID-19 centre. A public-private partnership to develop the application. A call by the National Research and Innovation Agency for the development of a COVID-19 fast diagnostic kit
– 80% of the project, for a maximum amount of URY 6 million, would be financed by the state. Sponsoring a collaboration between researchers form the Universidad de la Republica and the Pasteur Institute to develop molecular diagnostic techniques to detect COVID-19. Creation of a programme to host homeless people over 65 years old [since March 16].

The published information can be found here