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Health systems in action report published for Georgia - P4H Network

Health systems in action report published for Georgia

As part ot the Health Systems in Action Insight Series, European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies has published a Health systems in action report for Georgia (see attached document).

Below is the overview to the report by the Observatory:

“Since 2013 Georgia has been striving to provide universal health coverage through a package of publicly funded benefits and increased public investment in health. Although public spending on health remains low by international comparison (at 2.8% of GDP in 2018), it has increased as coverage has expanded and out-of-pocket spending on health has fallen considerably. However, coverage policy is extremely complex and there are substantial co-payments. The high cost of outpatient medicines is the biggest barrier to accessing care for the lowest income households. Richer households spend more out of pocket on inpatient care costs.

A policy focus has been on strengthening primary care by efforts to integrate and improve key vertical programmes (such as early childhood development, hypertension and mental health); increase digital health services; invest in the workforce; and harmonize rural and urban primary care programmes.

Noncommunicable diseases account for most of the country’s burden of morbidity and mortality. The overall mortality rate in Georgia is high, with stroke the leading cause of death. The smoking rate among male Georgians was among the highest in Europe in 2018, whereas the female smoking rate was among the lowest.”

Source: European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies

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