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HF reform discussion with non-governmental stakeholders - March 2013 - P4H Network

HF reform discussion with non-governmental stakeholders – March 2013

After establishing an Interministerial Steering Committee (ISC) to develop a health financing reform agenda, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MoHSW), supported by P4H partners, launches the second stage of stakeholder consultations. In the first of a series of meetings with non-governmental stakeholders, the MoHSW is reaching out to health financing and social health protection stakeholders from the private sector, including civil society organizations, labour unions, employer organisations, social and private health insurers, health service providers, academia and development partners. The aim of this initiative is to familiarize stakeholders with the health financing reform agenda, so that they can then develop their own positions for consideration as part of the consultation process in the preparation of the Option Papers for the nine reform areas identified by the ISC. The next meeting will be hosted once the draft option papers have been completed and before the formulation of a first health financing strategy draft.

15 Mar 2013