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HFS: study results, synthesis workshop -/12/2013 - P4H Network

HFS: study results, synthesis workshop -/12/2013

Study results:

Seven studies informing on reform options for the development of a Health Financing Strategy (HFS) in Tanzania have been timely completed. Enclosed are the results of five studies (1, 3, 4, 5, and 6).

Study 7  and 8 are still being finalized and the fiscal space assessment will be commissioned early 2014, upon first decision making on the actual Health Insurance Market reform by the ISC.  (For context and TOR of the studies see summary from 29.07.2013).







Synthesis Workshop, 2-4 Dec 2013

The results and recommendations were recently reviewed and consolidated by the Health Financing Technical Working Group (HFTWG) of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.  The consolidation workshop had the overarching goal to provide informed advise on HFS Options to the Interministerial Steering Committee (ISC) overseeing the HFS development process.

In order to achieve this task a 3-day HFTWG Retreat, technically and financial supported by P4H Partners (GIZ and WHO), was conducted as 4th Workshop in a series of different HFS Options Workshops.  During the Workshop a narrowed down selection (by ISC) of Health Insurance Market Options was closely assessed within the framework of the main health financing pillars (Resources Generation, Pooling, Purchasing and Governance/ Stewardship).