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HOSPICAL: A Tool for Allocating Hospital Costs - P4H Network

HOSPICAL: A Tool for Allocating Hospital Costs

Short description
HOSPICAL is a planning and analysis tool that policy makers, hospital administrators, and financial and department managers can use to improve hospital performance and make decisions about resource allocation within or among hospitals.

The aim of this tool is to help hospital managers in analysing costs and revenue, and planning service improvements.

Methodology and type of data required
HOSPICAL is an Excel-based spreadsheet tool. It includes a step-by-step User’s Guide, an Excel workbook, and data collection forms. Pre-defined charts are included in the tool so that users can easily print out results once the data is entered. Users first enter the data from the department, ward, or hospital, and then adjust the data to explore different options for improving service quality, controlling costs, and using resources wisely.

Users/Target audience
Multi-disciplinary teams including managers, department heads, accounting and finance staff

Management Sciences for Health (MSH)

Zina Jarrah
Management Sciences for Health
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Cambridge, MA 02139
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Published on 04 Jan 2015