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ILO Social Protection Platform - P4H Network

ILO Social Protection Platform

Short description
The ILO Social Protection Platform replaces the former Global Extension of Social Security (GESS) Platform. It is the International Labour Office’s global knowledge sharing tool to extend social protection including health protection.

The platform aims to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas, capture and document experiences, identify knowledge gaps and facilitate the creation of knowledge through the promotion of innovation. To achieve this goal, the Social Protection Platform relies on the contributions of its users and the dialogue and exchanges between them.

Methodology and type of data required

Users / Target audience
The ILO Social Protection Platform provides assistance, information and collaborative tools to all those working towards universal social protection coverage including health protection. It fosters collaboration between all the actors involved in the extension of social protection: policy makers, international organizations, development banks, technical teams from ministries of employment, health, social protection or finance, social partners, donors, as well as technical cooperation experts, social security fund managers, mutual health organization staff, cooperatives, NGOs and other civil society organizations, trainers, researchers, etc.

International Labour Organization (ILO)