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Improving investments in climate change and global health - P4H Network

Improving investments in climate change and global health

This white paper published by the Institute for Global Health Science analyzes the current state of synergistic finance for health and climate change that integrates climate considerations and goals, and climate finance that addresses health needs and goals.

Climate change is already harming the physical and mental health of people around the world, and these impacts are projected to increase as greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise. This paper focuses on one particularly critical gap: the near absence of international development finance for work at the intersection of climate change and health.


There is little empirical evidence on how much funding is available for climate change and health or the strategies that may exist for expanding funding at this intersection and enhancing the achievement of cross-sector goals within climate and health finance. This study begins to close this knowledge gap and to build the evidence base that can support efforts to expand much-needed development financing for climate change and health. The paper first looks at the level of and approach to such synergistic funding, and then identifies key barriers and opportunities for improving the volume, efficiency, and impact of this funding.