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In the pipeline / prospective P4H country +++ SDC initiating P4H collaboration - P4H Network

In the pipeline / prospective P4H country +++ SDC initiating P4H collaboration

From: Kern Debora, SDC

Date: Tuesday, 17 December 2013
To:  P4H SG and TCG

Subject: P4H in Mozambique?

Dear Focal Points of the P4H network

I hope this email finds you all well. 

You might be informed that Mozambique established during the last months a quite ambitious road map on health financing issues (see attachment) which should result in a health financing strategy. 
There is a common agreement that more external support and technical expertise is needed in order to implement these planned activities, so we suggested to consider the providing for health network P4H.
Apparently there was not much feedback on this idea among the task force members, but maybe the information has not reached yet the right persons and maybe half of the offices are empty due to the annual leaves…
We thought it would be important to inform you on this opportunity to harmonize our approaches in Mozambique and to ask you to consult with your colleagues in Maputo on their views.  If a P4H activity should be considered, the P4H members (local network) would then start their dialogue with the MISAU in order to know if they are interested or not to follow this path.
With my best season’s greetings to all of you,
Debora Kern
Health Policy Advisor
Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC