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Indonesia’s health budget realization has decreased - P4H Network

Indonesia’s health budget realization has decreased

COVID-19 led to a rise of health expenditures to curb the pandemic and prevent the population from catastrophic health expenditures. Due to better control of COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesia’s health spending decreased by 19.6 percent compared to last year. A majority of the health budget has been allocated to the Ministry of Public Health for national health insurance subsidies of total 95.2 million recipients and reimbursement for COVID-19 patients. 

Of the total health budget realization of Rp113 trillion (USD 7,190 million) as of September 2022, approximately Rp38.7 trillion (USD 2,463 million) was spent for COVID-19 response while the remaining Rp74.3 trillion (USD 4,727 million) was non-COVID-19 health spending. 

In comparison to September last year, the health budget realization for COVID-19 response was Rp77.3 trillion (USD 4,929 million), while the budget realization for non-COVID-19 health problems was Rp63.2 trillion (USD 4,029 million). Following this trend, Indonesia’s health spending on COVID-19 is going to decline. Read more

Source: ANTARA

Photo by Baarast Project