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Integrated Healthcare Technology Package (iHTP) - P4H Network

Integrated Healthcare Technology Package (iHTP)

Short description
iHTP is a resource planning and costing tool that provides guidance on the optimal mix of resource inputs (human resources, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and facilities) required for any particular health intervention.


The purpose of iHTP is to help

  • planning for the optimal resource mix (human resources, devices, drug, facilities) for a defined set of health interventions;
  • qualifying, quantifying and costing resource requirements; defining the human resources skills sets;
  • assessing resource availability and constraints, and resource GAPs analysis;
  • resource sharing between vertical programs;
  • modelling of resource requirements and associated costs for scaling up health coverage or health services;
  • changing/improving clinical practice.

Methodology and type of data required
This tool has four main components. The first incorporates the economic analysis of healthcare technology. Basic economic information such as medical equipment fixed and recurrent costs, human resources costs, drug cost and facility costs are stored in the generic iHTP template database and are accessed by the simulation package. Here, the stored costs are applied to the simulation tools and costing analysis becomes available.

Users/Target audience
National Planners, decision/makers, managers, clinicians at any level; development, technical assistance and donor agencies

World Health Organization (WHO); Medical Research Council (South Africa)

Roger Schmitt –, Ole Doetinchem –


costing tool, planning tool

This tool is in process of being integrated in the OneHealth tool and no further updates will be provided.