Issuance of the amended system of the civil health insurance system in the Official Gazette, Jordan

The amended civil health insurance system for the year 2022 was issued in the Official Gazette of Jordan which reads with the original Regulation No. 83 of 2004.

In the amended system, it was mentioned that the beneficiaries are divided into two groups, the first group includes people whose benefit is covered by the contributor’s monthly contribution allowance, namely: the non-working wife who does not receive a pension, the husband who is not working and who does not receive a pension, and the unemployed single children who have not completed 25-year-olds, single, unemployed children with disabilities or incapacitated health.

As for the second group, it includes some people whom the contributor wishes to benefit from with health insurance in return for paying or deducting the specified amount for each of them monthly to the fund, provided that the contributions due from them are paid from the date of issuance of the card to the beneficiary in accordance with the provisions of the system.

To know more, read the full news article originally published in Amman Today here.

Image credits: Ministry of Health, Jordan

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