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Jordan: IAF proposes independent institution to run health insurance services - P4H Network

Jordan: IAF proposes independent institution to run health insurance services

The Islamic Action Front party (IAF) in Jordan has proposed setting up an independent public institution to run health insurance services nationwide, similar to the Social Security Corporation (SSC).

IAF said this is part of the Jordan Vision 2030 is based on a long-term strategic vision in various economic and social sectors, to be carried out in stages aimed at achieving stable and balanced economic development and sustainable economic, health and social well-being for the Jordanian society in 2030.

SSC, however, said the proposal was not viable because health insurance is the prerogative of the corporation and its administration cannot be handed over to another institution. Health insurance is the fifth type of insurance handled by SSC, following old-age, disability and death insurance, work accident insurance, unemployment insurance, and maternity insurance.

Musa Al-Subaihi, an insurance and social protection expert, said the idea was “great and necessary, especially since health insurance in Jordan fragmented, with one-third of Jordanians enjoying health coverage benefits, a second third with no health insurance at all and the last batch with more than one insurance coverage”.

The emergence of an independent health insurance institution will regulate the sector for citizens and non-citizens, and control the health insurance expenses that result from the existing tumultuous state in the sector, he said. He added it will also cover people with no healthcare benefits.

Read the full article originally published in Jordan News here

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Image: Jordan News