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Kazakhstan aims to have at least 50% of pharmaceuticals produced domestically by 2025 - P4H Network

Kazakhstan aims to have at least 50% of pharmaceuticals produced domestically by 2025

In a recent meeting between the  Minister of Healthcare of Kazakhstan Azhar Giniyat and the State Minister of Foreign Affairs and Culture of the Republic of India Meenakshi Lekhi, the parties discussed cooperation in health care between Kazakhstan and India.

Localization of pharmaceutical production in Kazakhstan was one of the promising areas of collaboration discussed in the meeting.

“Kazakhstan has a task to bring the share of domestic production of medicines to 50% in the pharmaceutical market by 2025. To achieve the designated goal, off-take contracts are one of the effective tools and a significant incentive to support local producers,” noted Minister Giniyat.

Local production of medicines versus importing them from abroad is a powerful tool in controlling and potentially lowering healthcare costs, which is the primary goal of the Government of Kazakhstan in stimulating domestic pharmaceutical industry.

In addition, Azhar Giniyat and Meenakshi Lekhi discussed the possibility of transferring Indian medical students from Ukraine to medical universities of Kazakhstan.

At the end of the meeting, the parties expressed their readiness to strengthen cooperation in health care, taking into account the agreements reached.

The two countries work together in accordance with the Memorandum concluded in 2011 between the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Republic of India.  

Source: Ministry of Healthcare of Kazakhstan