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Kazakhstan expanded screening programs for children in an effort to invest into prevention - P4H Network

Kazakhstan expanded screening programs for children in an effort to invest into prevention

Vyacheslav Dudnik, Vice Minister of Healthcare of Kazakhstan spoke at the Open Doors Event held by the Corporate Fund “University Medical Center” in capital city Nur-Sultan, dedicated to the International Children’s Day on June 1.

“The greatest happiness of parents is to raise their child as a healthy, intelligent, and educated person, and the main goal of the State and the society is to educate a patriotic generation. Children are the future of the country. The stronger are our children, the stronger is our Kazakhstan,” said the Vice Minister.

As part of regulatory work, the Ministry has reviewed and updated the Standard for pediatric care provision, taking into account WHO recommendations.

The ministry has launched several initiatives aimed at increasing coverage and improving the quality of screening programs for children:

  • A screening test for autism has been introduced for the first time;
  • The number of equipped child development rooms in primary care organizations is being increased from 600 to 1500;
  • A pilot project is launched on selective screening of newborns for 49 hereditary metabolic diseases;
  • Audiological screening was supplemented by a new method to determine the exact location of auditory system damage;
  • Additional equipment purchase for vision and hearing screening programs is under consideration, using public-private-partnership mechanisms.
  • The list of free medicines and the Kazakhstan National Medicines Formulary were expanded with 17 additional names of medicines to treatm orphan and severe diseases in children.

Vice Minister Dudnik concluded that health protection of children has always been a priority for Kazakhstan.

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Source, photo credit and additional information: Ministry of Healthcare of Kazakhstan