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Korea enhanced the COVID-19 response and childbirth care - P4H Network

Korea enhanced the COVID-19 response and childbirth care


  The Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters (CDSCH) in South Korea held a video conference, attended by the central ministries and 17 major local governments, to discuss the weekly risk evaluation and related response measures, fees paid by National Health Insurance to healthcare providers to enhance pregnancy care for pregnant women diagnosed with COVID-19, and the current status and response of local governments in relation to the pandemic.

  CDSCH discussed financial incentives to healthcare providers to ensure childbirth care for pregnant mothers diagnosed with COVID-19. The government proposed the new fee schedule depending on the type of medical institution and type of childbirth in the name of isolation management cost. According to the proposal, the payment related to childbirth will be covered by National Health Insurance without a user fee. Patients only need to pay examination and treatment expenses related to natural delivery and Caesarian section irrelevant with COVID-19(Legally specified co-payment rate: 0% for natural delivery and 5% for Caesarian section).

  As of March 7, more Rapid Antigen Tests are available at respiratory clinics and healthcare institutions designated for respiratory system examination. Also, at-home treatment management has expanded with 859 healthcare institutions responsible for monitoring those under at-home treatment and subject to focused management. A total of 7,918 community clinics are available for telephone consultations and prescriptions for self-isolated patients subject to general management. 227 at-home treatment consultation centers are operated 24/7 across the country. 145 outpatient centers offer in-person care for those deemed to require tests, treatment, surgery, short-term hospitalization, etc during at-home treatment. The list of healthcare institutions mentioned above can be viewed on the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service website and the website dedicated to updating the government’s COVID-19 response.



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