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LDP Kick-Off workshop in Pretoria - 23-26 June 2014 - P4H Network

LDP Kick-Off workshop in Pretoria – 23-26 June 2014

The Leadership for UHC Program is jointly designed and implemented by GIZ and the World Bank. At GIZ, the P4H Sector Project and the Leadership Group at the Academy for International Cooperation (AIZ) are involved; at the World Bank, it is the World Bank Institute’s Leadership and Health (represented by Joy de Beyer) Practices, and the WB Africa Region Health (represented by Karima Saleh).

The P4H CD supports the integration with ongoing P4H country support. The Program is implemented in close collaboration with each respective Country Office and the Health sector team lead for each country from the WB side and the equivalent colleagues from the GIZ field offices. Facilitation of the workshop is provided by the Presencing Institute.

The Leadership for Universal Health Coverage Kickoff Program on 23-26 June includes 30+ high level participants from Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Zambia, and Ethiopia.

The list of participants is attached below. Workshop objectives and Program’ s expected results as well as all details can be found in the attached agenda &flyer & concept note.