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LDP roll out planning process - work in progress,/12/2015 - P4H Network

LDP roll out planning process – work in progress,/12/2015

LDP design camp in Dec 2015: LDP 2.0 will continue with 3 regional modules of a largely stable group of enablers, complemented by country-level Collective Action Initiatives/Rapid Result Interventions that link enablers to implementers, having three milestones (inception, mid-term review, final review), being supported by on-site coaching and followed by a 4th follow-up intervention (country support  by alumni work / coaching / regional follow-up module – offered by GIZ and WB depending on countries’ needs). Summary of design camp: 2015_12_10_LDP_design_camp_CD-summary Draft criteria and questionnaire for country selection: 2015_09_25_LDP_selection_criteria_v1;  LDUHC Asia draft Questionnaire_v1_ksp Draft criteria for host country selection: 2015_12_27_LDP_HostCountryselection_draft_criteria_001