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Malawi proposed health allocation increases to 12.2% - P4H Network

Malawi proposed health allocation increases to 12.2%

Malawi’s proposed health budget increase to 12.2% of the national budget has garnered excitement among stakeholders as the country moves closer to the Abuja Declaration target.

Malawi’s health sector budget of K729.47 billion which represents 12.2% of the national budget, has excited stakeholders, signaling progress in health financing. Although below the Abuja Declaration’s 15% target, increased funding is crucial for improving healthcare infrastructure, and services, and achieving universal health coverage. Key projects like the cancer centre highlight the importance of investing in health for better public health outcomes.

George Jobe, the Malawi Health Equity Network executive director, hailed it as a landmark achievement. Jobe expressed optimism, stating,

We have been lobbying for 15 percent and the 12.2 percent is closer, which gives us the confidence and hope that we are moving towards this target.

Maziko Matemba, executive director of the Health and Rights Education Programme, praised the proposed allocation as a substantial improvement that will enhance service delivery.  Whereas, Solomon Chomba, president of the Physicians Associates’ Union of Malawi, commended the government’s commitment to achieving quality universal health coverage in alignment with Malawi’s 2063 vision.

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