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Mali-AMO: An ambitious action plan for 2023 - P4H Network

Mali-AMO: An ambitious action plan for 2023

The Caisse Malienne de Sécurité Sociale (CMSS) has held the 30th session of its Board of Directors, as well as one devoted to the delegated management of Compulsory Health Insurance (AMO). Several reforms are planned for 2023 to ensure that as many Malians as possible benefit from social health protection.

Social security remains a pressing issue for the Transition authorities, according to the topics discussed at the 30th session of the CMSS Board of Directors and the 20th session of the Board of Directors devoted to the delegated management of AMO to the CMSS. For Mr. TRAORE, Acting Chairman of the Board of Directors, the CMSS 2023 draft budget has been drawn up at a time when global economic activity remains marked by the war in Ukraine and the post COVID-19 economic recovery, while the Malian economy has been marked by economic sanctions in 2022.

The CMSS’s draft budget for AMO for the 2023 financial year is set at 33,520,000,000 FCFA in revenue and expenditure, down 8.75% on the 2022 budget of 36,735,090,464 FCFA.

“This reduction is justified by the activities to be carried out by the two organizations (CANAM and CMSS) as part of the medicalized control of expenditure and the fight against fraud,” explains Ségal Traoré. I would add that all these actions are leading serenely towards the operationalization of the Universal Health Insurance Scheme (RAMU).

The CMSS 2023 budget proposal is backed by an ambitious action plan based on a number of activities. These include stepping up the registration of insured persons and new beneficiaries of the scheme following the recruitment planned for the year, organizing missions to supervise the liquidation of medical forms and the collection of contributions from local authorities, and strengthening operational capacities and human resources.