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Mali-RAMU: Association of private practitioners opts for rational prescribing - P4H Network

Mali-RAMU: Association of private practitioners opts for rational prescribing

On March 18, 2023, the Association des Médecins Libérales du Mali organized a scientific day in Bamako on “The rights and duties of liberal doctors, for rational prescribing within the RAMU framework”. The opening ceremony was presided over by the Minister of Health and Social Development.

According to Dr. Boureïma Afo Traoré, l’association des médecins libéraux du Mali (AMLM) is a professional association whose mission is to promote the medical profession, create genuine cohesion between professionals in the liberal sector in particular and in the health sector in general, and give concrete expression to the public-private partnership. According to its president, the structure, created in 2006, trains and monitors private practitioners to ensure compliance with and support for government health policy.

“It’s with this in mind that we decided to organize, in partnership with CANAM and INPS, a scientific day on the rights and duties of Mali’s liberal doctors, to rationalize RAMU services. This day is an opportunity for all liberal doctors in Mali to exchange and discuss with the main players the duty and right to a high sense of medical responsibility for a successful RAMU. “

According to the results of the actuarial study carried out in December 2014 by the Caisse nationale d’assurance maladie (CANAM) the weight of drugs in AMO Plan expenditure represents almost 80%. Also, following an assessment of prescriptions by CANAM, the average cost of prescriptions has risen from 3,000 FCFA to 25,000 FCFA. Malfunctions observed in the provision of services in general, and in the prescription of drugs and medical devices in particular.