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MALI: RAMU now operational! - P4H Network

MALI: RAMU now operational!

Since 2015, the Government of Mali has been engaged in a process that will make it possible to set up, from 2018, a social protection system against the risk of illness for the benefit of the entire Malian population. The introduction in 2009 of the Compulsory Health Insurance (AMO) and the Medical Assistance Scheme (RAMED), respectively for civil servants, workers, members of parliament, pensioners and their beneficiaries, on the one hand, and the destitute and other entitled beneficiaries, on the other, has enabled Mali to initiate a health coverage system based on solidarity and risk pooling for certain categories of the population. The same applies to the benefits offered by mutual health insurance companies and various forms of ”   “.

In 2021, AMO, RAMED, mutuality and private insurance companies will cover around five million nine hundred and eleven thousand three hundred and sixty (5 911 360) people out of an estimated population of twenty-one million one hundred and twelve thousand (21 112 000), or 28% of the total population. As a result, over fifteen million two hundred thousand six hundred and forty (15,200,640) people are not covered by any health insurance scheme.

The aim of the Universal Health Insurance Scheme is therefore to ensure access to healthcare for the entire population.

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