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Mali-RAMU: Stakeholders mobilized for effective implementation - P4H Network

Mali-RAMU: Stakeholders mobilized for effective implementation

Health and Social Protection Month is currently being held throughout Mali. December 10 marked the 3rd week of the initiative, with a press conference on the theme: “The role of mutuality in the management of universal health coverage in Mali”. Hosted by the Director of the Union Technique de la Mutualité (UTM), Mr Issa Sissouma, the conference was held at the Maison de la presse in Bamako.

Speaking to media professionals, the mutual insurance industry and others involved in the implementation of universal health coverage reassured them that Mali’s universal health insurance scheme (RAMU) is now up and running.

As a reminder, Mali’s health financing system is made up of AMO (compulsory health insurance), RAMED (medical assistance scheme), voluntary health insurance, mutual insurance, free health care and specific programs. According to the speaker, it is planned that the Mutualité will be responsible for managing around 78% of Malians, estimated at nearly fourteen million people in the informal and agricultural sectors. “The missions to be carried out include: pre-registration of insured persons and their dependents; collection of contributions and forwarding to CANAM; monitoring of entitlement management; receipt, processing and payment of benefits; social mobilization of communities around RAMU; support for the creation of mutual insurance companies.

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