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Mapping DP support for NHI - update/12/2013 - P4H Network

Mapping DP support for NHI – update/12/2013

18th September 2013:  A joint meeting between the MoHP National Health Unit (NHI) and External Development Partners (DP) defines thematic areas which require further support for the implementation of the national health insurance and allocates responsibilities to different partners.  ToRs for each thematic works are being drafted and key responsibility for the work agreed as depicted in the table below. The NHI Unit of the MoHP is coordinating ongoing works on different work packages. –          Dr Niri Nemec, an international consultant funded by GIZ, is in Nepal from 28 Oct to 27 Nov, 2013 to work on the institutional set-up and business processes. Several consultations are taking place with MoHP and EDPs. –          Mr. Santadarshan Sadhu from WB visits Nepal from 25 to 29 Nov, 2013 –          Mr. Shakti Selvaraj funded by WHO visits in Nepal from 25 to 27 Nov, 2013   +++  Draft reports will be posted here as soon as they become available +++   

In an endeavour to support the MoHP in a coherent manner, KOICA and GIZ sign a partnership agreement in October 2013 for capacity development in health financing and hospital administration.