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Ministerial Study Tour to Paris, Berlin and London - January 2009 - P4H Network

Ministerial Study Tour to Paris, Berlin and London – January 2009

France, Germany, the UK and the World Bank, together with the government of Kenya organised a ministerial study tour on health financing to Paris, Berlin and London from 21 – 31 January 2009. Under the umbrella of P4H, the study tour aimed at:

  • llustrating how different systems in the UK, France and Germany have evolved over time; the close links between health financing and long-term health systems development; the range of options that are available in terms of health financing mechanisms that can co-exist in the system;
  • Getting a better understanding of governance options for the management of social protection schemes; the role of government, community – based, private and public insurances and health care providers;
  • Demonstrating workable options for the successful participation of non-public health-care providers in producing health care for the entire population covered by social protection schemes;
  • Illustrating how systems ensure participation of users in planning, implementation and accountability for equity and efficiency.