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Namibia reviews the performance of the health sector including financing for health - P4H Network

Namibia reviews the performance of the health sector including financing for health

The Ministry of Health and Social Services in Namibia has commenced a multi-stakeholder Health Sector Review for the period 2009 to 2021 with the overall objective to assess progress in attainment of targets, implementation of strategies and document contextual factors impacting performance of the health system. The review which started on the 15th of november will culminate in national policy dialogue to discuss strategies to improve health outcomes and is expected to inform the development early next year of the next health sector strategic plan and the universal health coverage policy.

During the week of 15th November 2021, stakeholders from the Ministry of Health, other government ministries and agencies and partners participated in a weeklong workshop to analyze secondary data from the period under review and prepare for field data collection at national and sub-national level.

The review will among other things, delve into financing for health to explore: the extent to which planned activities were funded; whether resource allocations were in line with identified priorities; efficiency in resource allocation and use; and the extent to which financing for Covid-19 had an impact on financing of other interventions in the Strategic Health Plan (2017/18-2021/22).

At 14.5% in 2017/18, government health expenditure as a percentage of general government expenditure is higher than other upper middle-income countries. However, high inequalities in health spend and access to quality care impede translation of this level of health spend into desired outcomes. The review provides an opportunity to identify barriers to more effective and efficient financing for health.


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