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National UHC stakeholder meeting and round table - Feb 2014 - P4H Network

National UHC stakeholder meeting and round table – Feb 2014

Update on 27 Feb 2014

P4H CD report of visit to Bangladesh 17-19 Feb 2014: 2014_02_27_Bangladesh__P4H_CD_report_visit_17-19Feb14


Here are the links to the presentations of the below mentioned National UHC Workshop:





2014_02_18_MoHFW_Health_Funding_for_UHC 18.02.14





Update on 14 Feb 2014

The Health Economics Unit of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) in collaboration with WHO, the World Bank and GDC is preparing for

NATIONAL UHC WORKSHOP on 18 Feb 2014 and


The new MOHFW Minister commits to supporting the goal of UHC and this national stakeholder meeting would be his first official event.  Thus, the HEU thought that this would be a good opportunity to strengthen the advocacy for UHC and support for the implementation of the HCF Strategy, especially now that they are starting the process for the legal framework.

Also, there is an identified need to have a common understanding of UHC and elevate the HCFS beyond the health sector. Only recently did national stakeholders working on the national social protection strategy know that a health financing strategy was developed. On several occasions, the HF DP group has requested the MOHFW for broad inter-sectoral dialogue on health financing issues. So in this view, this event serves as a starting point towards active engagement of national stakeholders and the establishment of an Inter-ministerial Committee on HF – a kick-off for a series of technical discussions to follow.

Agendas of national UHC conference and RTD [updated 14 and 18Feb]:





Confirmed (P4H member) participation from head office and regional level: Priyanka Saksena, Rob Yates (WHO); Mukesh Chawla, Jean-Jacques Frere (WB); Roland Panea (GIZ),  Lars Kyburg (KfW),  Michael Adelhardt (P4H CD)

 P4H post–round table meeting: The DG HEU invites the visiting team from WHO, WB, GIZ and KfW to a post-RTD discussion together with the local Expert Group on 19 Feb at 2:30 PM at CIRDAP. The meeting aims to discuss the way forward based on the RTD and how the experts can coordinate their support on key areas of work.