Nepal budget 2021/22 revised: 6 highlights you should know

Nepal amends annual budget plan 2021/22. Following the revisions, an additional Rs 5 billion has been allocated for Covid-19 vaccine purchasing.

For social security provisions, there have been added two new allowances:  Rs 3,000 per month for families of martyrs killed in different political protests and Rs 5,000 per month for patients with cancer, kidney diseases, and paralysis due to spinal cord injury.

In addition, new social assistance programs for the poor have been introduced. The in-kind benefit providing for the poor is 10 free lunch spaces for the poor in Kathmandu, while a cash benefit of Rs 10,000 provides to each of 500,000 poor families who lost their breadwinners due to the Covid-19 pandemic. To read more, click.

Source: Online Khabar

Photo by Sean824


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